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CCR aka the circle city rebels is a crew of punks and skins in indianapolis. if you dont live in indy you can still join we need affiliates haha

*MUST fill out the application before posting anything.
*Put "PUNK AS FUCK" in the subject line, so we know you read the rules.
*No shit talking or you WILL be banned.
*Don't start shit with the mods or accepted members or you WILL be banned.
*If your not accepted, then your not cool enough, so GET OVER IT.
*If you don't like punk then DON'T join.
*If you don't support your local scene then DON'T join.

+ Application +

+ Name :
+ Location :
+ Age :
+ Bands Worth Listening To :
+ What do you do for your scene? :
+ What Does Punk Mean To You? :
_ Views On _
+ Racism :
+ Drugs :
+ Drinking :
_ Other Stuff _
+ Why Do You Want To Join CCR? :
+ Post Atleast 1 Picture :
+ Promote to a community, and put the link here :




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